Vaicharik Kumbh on Science & Spirituality-Report

 Vaicharik Kumbh" on Science & Spirituality

 The religious importance of Kumbh is well know since hundred of years. Apart from this, it has social and organizational importance also and therefore, Kumbh can be rightly named as the twelve yearly congregation of people. This is an occasion when sadhu, mahatma and other religious scholars appear in the Kumbh at after every twelve year and provide an opportunity to the general masses to interact with them and earn rare knowledge available with these great devotees.

It was thought that if stalwards of science may also gather on such occasions during Kumbh and interact with these religious devotees, the complicated and unanswered issues of science can be comfortably addressed, so that the fruits of science with taste of religion may benefit the general masses. The idea of “Vaicharik Kumbh originated from this integration of “Science with Spirituality.

It is well understood that spirituality and science, both have evolved by "Creation".  This has been gifted to mankind with the prime aim of linking external world with the eternal soul.  Science & Spirituality are not only mutual friends but complementary to each other.

Science integrates us with spirituality and spirituality provides us ability to think in scientific manner.  Science is discovery of external truth and spirituality is the medium of understanding eternal truth and conscience.  In this process of understanding truth, we progress towards the path of knowledge.

Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to organize an Ideological Congregation (Vaicharik Kumbh) on “Science & Spirituality on the auspicious occasion of “Simhasth 2016”. Renowned national and international scholars will participate and share their views on “Science & Spirituality” during the event. Let us come together to make this event successful.


Brief Report 


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